15 Minutes of Metal Gear Survive Gameplay

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Konami shared an extended Metal Gear Survive demo that has four players working together to break into a facility and then battling monsters that come bursting out.

Metal Gear Survive is the first title in the franchise that’s not made by Hideo Kojima, developer of the classic saga for over 15 years who left Konami in 2015 to form his own studio. The game was announced last month during Gamescom and was met with a negative reaction from fans.

So far, this demo is not changing that. The game looks too little like Metal Gear and too much like Left 4 Dead. To add insult to injury, it’s releasing too close to Kojima’s last title, Metal Gear Solid V, a decision which just screams “cash-grab” from Konami’s part.

The video of the demo has 600 likes and 2,600 dislikes. Watch for yourself: