Why the Metal Gear Survive TGS Demo Was Met with Hate

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Konami shared a 15-minute demo of the upcoming Metal Gear Survive at TGS 2016. Gamers hated this game when it was announced back in August and they do so even more after this demo, judging by the like-dislike ratio on the YouTube video and comments on social media. Here’s the video if you haven’t watched it.

People are justified in not having faith in this title. It’s not just because it’s not made by series creator and long-time developer Hideo Kojima. Here are just a few things we can see in this gameplay that hold it back:

-The game is recycling the Fox engine from Metal Gear Solid V (MGSV) with very little effort added. It’s also stealing a lot of assets from character animations to weapons and environments. It seems to even be reusing some maps from Kojima’s last MGS title.

-It screams rushed cash-grab job by sticking to two popular trends: Metal Gear and zombies.

-The actually new stuff, like the new iDroid interface, pales in comparison to what we saw on MGSV.

-What little stealth there is employed to take down zombies, which is just lame: Zombies aren’t very smart so the developer can take the lazy route with the artificial intelligence, a key component of any stealth gameplay.

We could go on. If this was MGSV DLC it would be pretty decent (still not great). Thankfully Metal Gear Survive won’t cost $60, but even at $30 it would be hard to justify the purchase unless there’s some awesome stuff in the game they haven’t shared yet.