16 GB Apple iPhones Will Not Longer be Officially Sold as Storage Demand Expands

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It is 2017 and Apple had still decided to dash out 16 GB iPhone and iPad models, when it comes to space, 16 GB is not enough, a single update fills around half of that space, + some space for the system makes the total available space for a user to be around 5 – 8GB.

A device may be fast and efficient but if it has no space to store any information, it is pretty much useless, Apple finally acknowledged that there is no longer a need for a low-space iPhone/iPad model and decided to opt out of it all together.

Now, if you want to get an iPhone / iPad, the base model is now the 32GB one. This is an absolutely acceptable move as it truly is a waste of money to go for a lesser storage phone, even if it’s the latest in the market.