4 Beginners’ Tips for Staying Safe While Using the Cloud

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For those unfamiliar with the cloud and the jargon that comes with it — such as migrating, cybersecurity, encryption, and more — it can be easy to believe that using it simply isn’t worth the hassle.

However, the cloud’s beneficial properties for personal use and businesses alike is undeniable and, by following four basic beginners’ tips to staying safe while using the cloud, you should have a degree of confidence. It is also worth remembering that when confused or unsure on any aspect of IT, particularly if your business depends on it, hiring IT support is always a useful move.

What is the cloud?

Software and services such as document and data storage usually find their home locally on your personal or work computer. However, the cloud allows these tools to be operational on a network, usually accessed through the internet, meaning that you can access them anywhere, anytime, from any computer.

Basic guides on understanding the cloud are available and worth a read if you are still unsure, but the simple benefits are thus: remote work becomes easier, physical document use is reduced, sharing files is quicker, and joined-up thinking is promoted. 

The next question for somebody new to the cloud is how is this safe? Of course, files are accessible from any computer, but only with the right password or access information. That is where the beginners’ tips for staying safe come in. 

  1. Use strong passwords

To protect your cloud from friends, members of the public, rival businesses or hackers alike, you must use a strong password. Many cloud providers will recommend how to set a strong password, while there are also guides online to point you in the right direction. In general, mixing up numbers and cases and using acronyms or abbreviations instead of full words is good practice.

  1. Use IT consultancies 

Whether you are new to the cloud or even a seasoned business user of the service, IT consultancies can take your protection to the next level. IT support from Techware Corporation will ensure your online presence is private and secure, while also improving productivity and ensuring quick response times for any faulty programs.

Professional advice is always the best option for those unsure about a new system.

  1. Be aware of threats

According to reports, Australia is one of the world’s most hacked countries in the world, behind the UK and the USA. This makes running businesses in these countries concerning for any CEO who has not brushed up, or sought expert help, on their cybersecurity. 

The basic principles of cloud security are: employee education, secure backups, encryption (the hiding of sensitive data), and, of course, strong passwords. 

  1. Keep hard copies where necessary

Once you have read up on the cloud, chosen an IT consultancy to aid your move into the digital age, and begun educating employees on the matter, you should create backups of all of your important data.

If necessary, keep hard copies of the most sensitive data — these cannot be hacked — and store them in a safe location.