5 Ways Proxies Will Help You Get More Business on Social Media

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Social media is something that people use every day. They wake up and check their news thread, they go to work and share posts, they are having lunch and communicate with friends, they go back from work and check posts, they go to bed and swipe the thread again. 

The platforms are very smart and they block accounts if they see suspicious activities from one IP. That is why it is hard to lead business activities successfully without proxies. You need them if you want to boost your business on social networks. Proxies rotate your IP address and the destination platform sees it as a completely new one. You can even choose which country you are from.

5 Main Points about Proxies

So, how proxies can help your business on social media? This question is answered in detail below.

  • Campaigning

Using mobile proxies you will be able to place social media campaigns unlimitedly. Thus, your business will be promoted and you will increase awareness on the issues you need. Social media will not see these actions as spam and will not block your accounts if you will use proxies. 

  • Targeting and Traffic

It is necessary to target the right people in order to create certain traffic. If this process is manual, it can take forever to reach the needed result. That is why special bots are used. Proxies help them to stay undetected.

  • Bypassing Restrictions

If you hire remote social media managers or log in from various places you can meet certain geo-restrictions. Also, certain resources can be forbidden in certain countries. Rotating mobile proxies open access to such resources.

  • Marketing

Location-based and brand-marketing are possible with proxies. You can send bulk messages and emails, place ads at the needed intervals etc.

  • Privacy

Your data will be protected by proxy. Nobody will know who you are and what activities you have performed because your real IP will not show up.

Mobile proxies allow boosting your business online.

The Best Mobile Proxy Option

Pay attention at OnlineSIM mobile proxy service while searching for the best provider. It owns more than 60 million addresses. This accommodation works with more than 200 mobile networks in more than 100 countries. 

You can try this service for free and then choose to pay for gigabytes or for unlimited traffic. The security level of this company is high. This seller offers up to 99% without ban and CAPTCHA. 


To choose a reputable company for mobile proxies, always check its protection level, number of countries and operators, the connection speed and prices.