SYPWAI: In the beginning there was an idea

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A new star is rising in the market. A new word in artificial intelligence. It’s incredible how, in such a short time, an unknown startup has made a name for itself in the cohort of the world’s fastest-growing firms. What provided the impetus? How did the new product manage to compete with the monsters of this business sector?

It’s ingenious, simple. The idea. SYPWAI was able to give society a new solution available to everyone. Including the most inveterate and skeptical about artificial intelligence.

But everything has its turn.

The inspiration for the creation of this new start-up came at a time when the market was not full of ideas that would satisfy both the business community and ordinary people. In the years of ubiquitous digital literacy, when it is impossible to keep up with changes, one has to keep up. Furthermore, SYPWAI provides a chance for everyone to participate in the creation and development of modern technology by testing scientific directions and living within the midst of interesting events.

SYPWAI’s worldview

Right at the start, SYPWAI announced that its path would not be its own development, but the improvement of firms of different orientations.

“From the beginning we wanted to develop the world. We believe that our good goal will bear its multifaceted fruit in the near future. What is the point of developing ourselves while the whole world is thinking about how to solve this or that problem? Why waste precious time looking for a solution when SYPWAI can offer a ready-made solution which will not only modernize production, making the process faster and more pleasant, but also automate it, bringing in new revenue”, was what the top operations manager was talking about.

SYPWAI’s slogan says ‘solve your problems together with AI’. This is true not only for enterprises, which have had no trouble solving their own problems through innovation, but also for ordinary people, who have been given the opportunity to earn money by improving their synthetic intelligence.

Why does SYPWAI attract citizens of all countries?

The age of universal digitalization, so-called in the 21st century. A time when automation is replacing the human factor without any problems, as it is more flexible and safer.

The emergence of new activities has become commonplace. SYPWAI has also participated in this and added a new specialty, the data marker. Simply put – neural networks learn from humans. It’s a kind of educational game for kids, but only the latter are replaced by artificial intelligence.

The masses loved it as soon as they got wind of the news.

“Firstly, we are impressed with the idea that we have offerings not only for businesses but also for people. Secondly, SYPWAI has grown so much that we can offer jobs to everyone and even so it will not be in short supply. It is worth considering that already thousands of people from all over the planet are working with us and are happy. We are really proud of the fact that we invest in our work to the best of our ability on all fronts,” says the HR manager enthusiastically.

How do you find your calling?

“Do you know many people who would like to work in science, but don’t want to be taken on internships because they want to get out of the way? I am one of them. I came to SYPWAI with the understanding that I would not be offered good conditions, but with great potential. The selection process was tough and each stage was grueling, so that the best of the best got to work. I was one of the best. You cannot imagine how happy I was when I joined the company and started doing really important research. I was helped every step of the way, cared for and asked if I understood everything. Isn’t that bliss?” – Laura Smythe, a graduate from Conestoga College, says passionately.

The doors of SYPWAI are always open to those who are eager to touch the realization of technological innovations and create the future together.

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