Adobe’s Annual Product Showcase Event Goes Online This Year

You are currently viewing Adobe’s Annual Product Showcase Event Goes Online This Year

As many other tech giants, Adobe has also decided to host it’s annual product showcase event online this year. The decision to none of us’ surprise as the world keeps fighting the global pandemic. “Adobe MAX 2020 ~The Creativity Conference goes online”, reads the statement on the official Adobe site. The event was earlier planned to take place in Los Angeles from October 19-21.

It is going to be the 12th annual conference by the giant in which it will reveal the latest products and features. Online registrations for The Creativity Conference will start later this month. The good news is that everyone can attend it and it’s going to cost you $0 unlike past years. Once you are registered, you will be able to attend it on Adobe Live when it kickstarts.

Earlier this month, Microsoft took the opportunity to show its Xbox Series X in a similar event. We’re a huge fan of Adobe’s products and we hope the same for you. We’re excited for what Adobe has in store for us this year. Let us know in comments section about which Adobe product’s updates you’re excited to know.

Shuvo Kumar

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