Alfred Hitchcock – Vertigo Secret Trophies List

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This guide is about Alfred Hitchcock – Vertigo secret trophies list. Alfred Hitchcock – Vertigo by Pendulo Studios has some very impressive ratings in its bucket. Built on Unity, the game is a single-person adventure game. It is especially interesting to those who fall in the category of gaming with suspense and thrill and Alfred Hitchcock movies lovers. The game is available to a wide range of platforms – PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S and X, Windows PC, Mac and Nintendo. Without any further discussion, let’s see what are all the PlayStation secret trophies available for this game.

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Alfred Hitchcock – Vertigo Secret Trophies List

Gold Secret Trophy

Vertigo It is a gold trophy. The task is the ultimate act of beat Vertigo. For this you need to save Esther Franklin and Jenny.

Silver Secret Trophies

BFF It is a silver trophy. The task for this trophy is to kill Lisa Horowitz.
Pliers It is a silver Trophy. The task is to persuade Adam to release you.
Romance It is a silver trophy. You have to bring Julia and Nick together.

Bronze Silver Trophies

Canyon It is a bronze trophy. You need to throw Ed’s car down the cliff.
Feed It is a bronze trophy. Just fill Petronius’ bowl.
Gun It is a bronze trophy. This requires detective work. You need to find incriminating proof against Ed Miller.
Hand It is a bronze trophy. Make Ed and Julia shake hands.

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