Dead Space Brings Thrill, Suspense and Controls to the Game

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Dead Space releases today, Jan 27 2023. Dead Space 2023 remake is to bring back the thrill, suspense and horror of the original game. The remake has been made closely to the original one. Those who love sci-fi horror, this sure is going to be a gift to them.

Dead Space story is based heavily on the original one, however, there is something fresh in this remake which is going to be exciting. EA ensures you get enough options for customization and controls so that you can enjoy the experience to the fullest. that For PC gamers, the game will run on DirectX 12 and your PC must have 16 GB RAM.

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The 2023 Dead Space is releasing on PlayStation 5, Xbox S and X Series and Microsoft Windows. It has already managed to get excellent reviews from critics. The most sought after question by gamers at the moment is when will Dead Space be available to play today. Well the expectation at this point of time is that at 11 am EST, it will unlock. So try and stay calm as the wait is almost over.