Amazon Echo to Control Your Sonos Speakers Soon

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Sonos just announced its long-term relationship with Amazon and so now you will be able to control your Sonos speakers from your Amazon Echo. As per Gizmodo, Sonos has been working for some time to bring voice control to the speakers.

Sonos and Amazon’s partnership will lead to all Amazon Alexa devices — including the Echo, Tap, and Dot — to be able to control the Sonos ecosystem by early 2017. Although no official statements have been released yet, but it is estimated by analysts that more than 3 million Echo devices have already been sold since early 2015. And with this new development the sale will surely move up the scale.

You will be able to control your Sonos system from the Spotify app, using Spotify Connect protocol. You will be able to use the Spotify app on PC or smartphone and send music to a Sonos speaker. You will also be able to control the speakers remotely, like from your garage to your living room.

So if you are a Sonos, and Echo, Tap or Dot owner, this will definitely make you very happy news. Enjoy Sonos and music from Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, Amazon Music, Google Play and more.