Bragi and IBM Watson to Revolutionize Existing Business Processes

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A revolution is coming in the way the business processes are handled today. The latest development in the Internet of Things comes with the partnership between Bragi and IBM Watson.

DigitalTrends mentioned that IBM and Bragi, a hearable company, have come together to get Watson IoT Platform and Bragi’s hearable Dash together to create something which will change the way you see and use headphones at the present era. To give you an idea, here is what it will be capable to doing; receiving instructions to communicate with co-workers. Let individuals interact with one another while keeping an eye in the operating environment, together with the wellbeing and safety of their team.

Nikolaj Hviid, CEO and founder of Bragi, said,

“Hearables will transform the way we work and have a tremendous impact on the business processes of the future,”
“The Dash is uniquely equipped to realize the potential of truly contextual audible computing. We are very excited to tap IBM’s industry leading cognitive computing capabilities through the Watson IoT platform as well as benefit from IBM’s enormous experience in global innovation that touches people’s lives.”

Here is what Harriet Green, Global Head of IBM Watson Internet of Things, said,

“With Watson’s language translation capabilities and the increasing pervasiveness of smart devices, conversational interfaces will start to challenge the visual user interfaces of today,”. “Users will increasingly talk to their devices and interact with their homes and workplaces in more natural, interactive and convenient ways. With Bragi we are looking at how this development can go even further with a powerful audio and sensory interface that fits inside the ear opening up a myriad of new opportunities for transforming the workplace.”

Bragi’s Dash will be packed with sensors and capable of realizing the potential of truly contextual audible computing. The release date is not out yet but you can rest assured that Watson IoT platform with Dash will give us a sneak peak into the future.