AMD 32 Core Naples Zen Based Naple Chips Plans To Take Over Intel Server Dominance

AMD Naples

AMD is going hard after the server market with their new Zen based AMD Naples chips, essentially offering twice the features and better capabilities compared to Intel.

AMD Naples is a double socket server chip aimed to ward off the Intel broadwell-EP based Xeon E5 V4 processor range. AMD offers basically “more of everything”.

AMD Naples Chips:

  • 32 cores, 64 threads
  • 8 memory channels
  • Upto 512 GB of RAM
  • 128 PCIe 3.0 Lanes

Intel Xeon Chips:

  • 22 cores, 44 threads
  • 4 memory channels
  • maximum 768GB RAM

Because of the two socket system, 64 of the PCIe lanes can be used for intercommunication leaving the remaining 64 for Input and Output. AMD’s “infinity fabric” is for the inter-socket communication which is a high-speed cache interconnect used within Zen.

The new Naples chip plans on bringing the Intel dominated Server market down and change to a (hopefully) better and more efficient system.