Apex Legends Tips Beginner to Expert Level

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Apex Legends one of the best games of 2019. This article covers some of the important Apex Legends tips, for beginner to expert alike. The game released without much announcement or advertisements. But that did not stop it from becoming a hot favorite among gamers. It is available on Windows, Xbox One and PS4.

Apex Legends tips

Apex Legends Zero Fall Damage
If you are one of those gamers who love to jump around, then Apex Legends is the thing for you. This game has no fall damage. Wait, there is a catch though. If you jump around without being careful, you can very well get killed after falling off the map. One more thing to keep in mind is that , when you will need recovery time following moment after you have a long fall will. So jump, but with caution.

Break Free from your Jumpmaster
You can free yourself from the control of your Jumpmaster, who is the one controlling all the three members right from the moment a match starts. Just hold CTRL when you do not want to be controlled. You can always give it to some other player before you drop it.

Damage Figures
In the game’s Settings, there is something called the damage figures. These are very helpful color coded numbers. The purpose is to point out the the Body Shield of the enemy. Turning them on shows you golden light for a headshot. Not only this, there will be signals, alerting you when you headshot or Body Shield of an enemy is broken by you.

Careful before jump
Look before you leap. When in a Hot Air Balloon, instead of jumping off the zipline before you are at the top, wait for the game to let you off. This will activate the rocket boots redeploy.

Apex Legends Melee
Now how to do Melee in Apex Legends. All you need to do is left-click while there is no weapon in your hand or simply tap the melee button.

Essential Backpacks
Backpacks are very important and it is a must to have at least one of these white backpacks. It helps in expanding the inventory size.

Supply Bin Loot
Searching for loot in APex Legends? Well look for Supply Bins. Well it’s not that difficult as the position is always the same in all the matches. These will give you three pieces of loot.

Apex Legends Lifeline Ultimate
Now in the game, the ability Lifeline’s Ultimate takes the longest. So it is advisable that in case you find Ultimate Accelerants, it must go to team’s Lifeline to be of help during the match.

That’s all for now in the list of Apex Legends tips. Check out our Apex Legends guide on Apex Legends trophies and achievements.