Battlefield 1 Beta First Day: Servers Down for Over 10 Hours

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As you already knew if you follow TheTech52, yesterday was the first day of the Battlefield 1 Beta. It wasn’t the launch EA was expecting, though, because the servers were down for over 10 hours.

While one might think this was because the beta was overflowing with popularity, this actually was not the case. It was a DDOS attack caused by a hacking group that brought down the EA Origin service entirely.

EA took 10 hours between first acknowledging the issue and announcing it was resolved. However, publications like IGN as well as gamers on the Internet could not access the service for at least 5 more hours after that. Quite concerning.

As of the time of this post, the Battlefield 1 Beta works on PS4, but some users still aren’t able to access it on PC. Obviously, everyone is demanding EA extends the time of the beta, as 10-15 hours is a significant amount of deducted playtime.


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