Sony CEO Kaz Hirai Sings Praise about the Playstation Brand

Sony CEO Kaz Hirai Sings Praise about the PlayStation Brand

Sony is holding a press event next week in New York City where the company is expected to make big announcements regarding the PlayStation brand, specifically to officially unveil the PlayStation Neo. But today, at the IFA 2016 event in Berlin, Sony CEO Kaz Hirai shared commented a bit on the PS4.

“The PS4 continues to push the boundaries, while at the same time reaching new heights and innovation”, said Hirai. While these words are not packed with content, he’s not lying – the PS4 has sold more than 40 million units as of May 2016, making it the fastest selling PlayStation system ever. Sony expects to sell 60 million by April of 2017.

Kaz Hirai also said the PlayStation VR device, which releases October 13, will “take PS4 to an unprecedented level of immersion”. Sony has its “finger on the pulse” for what it can do to be a key player in the VR ecosystem.

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