Battlefield 1 Guide: Scout Class Breakdown

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Battlefield 1 is a video game developed by EA DICE and published by Electronic Arts. It is themed on World War 1. This first person shooter game is the fifteenth installment in the Battlefield game series. The game released for PS4, Xbox One and PC on 21 Oct 2016.

The Scout Class in the game allows the players to do recon and help teammates push towards the objective. This guide will break down this particular class.

This class helps racking up kills from a distance so it’s useful to support teammates with this class. Scout class uses mainly sniper rifles. If you want a one shot kill, aim for the head.

Battlefield 1 Scout Class Guide

Here are the weapons available in this Scout class.

Sniper Rifles:

  • Russian 1895 Trench
  • Russian 1895 Sniper
  • Russian 1895 Infantry
  • Gewehr 98 Marksman
  • Gewehr 98 Sniper
  • Gewehr 98 Infantry
  • SMLE MKIII Marksman
  • SMLE MKIII Carbine
  • SMLE MKIII Infantry
  • Gewehr M. 95 Marksman
  • Gewehr M. 95 Carbine
  • Gewehr M. 95 Infantry
  • M1903 Marksman
  • M1903 Sniper
  • M1903 Experimental
  • Martini-Henry Infantry
  • Lawrence of Arabia’s SMLE


  • M1911
  • P08 Pistol
  • Mle 1903
  • C93
  • No. 3 Revolver
  • Kolibri
  • Marks Automatic
  • Bodeo 1889
  • Marks Automatic
  • Frommer Stop


  • Flare Gun – Spot
  • K Bullets
  • Flare Gun – Flash
  • Spotting Scope

Here are some unique items in the class.

  • Tripwire Bomb
  • Flare Gun – Spot
  • Flare Gun – Flash
  • K Bullets
  • Sniper Decoy
  • Sniper Shield
  • Trench Periscope
  • Tripwire Bomb – High Explosive
  • Tripwire Bomb – Gas

In this class, try to find a nest overlooking an objective which offers decent cover. Keep switching positions after a couple of kills to make the enemy guessing about your location. Land your shots accurately by learning about bullet fall and bullet sway. While switching positions, use your sidearm. This class requires a great deal of patience so if you are getting easily killed initially, be patient, identify your weaknesses, use this guide and keep playing. You will definitely get better after a while. While switching positions, try to avoid enemy encounters as the assault or medic class carrying automatic weapons can easily overwhelm you.