Battlefield 5 Set In World War 1 ?

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We know for sure that a new Battlefield game is in development as DICE confirmed it and I think that its going with the name Battlefield 5 as it is going to be in a military set up. And I also hope that it will be better as compared to the cops and smuggler set up in Battlefield Hardline , which according to me was not impressive at all. The gameplay was pretty sluggish and it continuously felt like it was missing the Battlefield essence.

According to a Swiss retailer the next Battlefield game might be set up in the World War 1 era. Though the post has been taken off , but the internet will sure remember the post. If it is set in the WW1 , then it sure will be a table turner as the game will be a tactical multiplayer first person shooter with 100 years old bolt-action rifles and pistols. I am pretty excited about it, lets see how things uncover as time passes as the game is set to be released in the later part of 2016, I will keep this post updated and will let you guys know.

Is Battlefield 5 Set In World War 1?

Battlefield 5 Set In World War 1
Battlefield 5 Set In World War 1?

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