Bloodborne patch 1.9 released, makes upgrading weapons easier

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Bloodborne received an all new patch this week which addresses several issues. The Bloodborne patch 1.9 now let’s players purchase the elusive Blood Rocks from the Insight shop.

The new patch also makes upgrading weapons to +10 a lot easier. The unpatched game restricted the users to a limited number of Blood Rocks which are essential to upgrade weapons. So the players had to make a choice which weapon they wanted to max out. The Old Hunters expansion added many new weapons which now can be fully maxed out with Blood Rocks.

Blood Rocks can now be bought for an exorbitant price of 60 Insight at the shop. The players need to reach an unspecified point in the game before it becomes available. Also, the price of Blood Stone Chunks was also reduced from 30 Insights to 20.

Stamina and strength requirements for some weapons is also changed after this patch.

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