Call Of Duty 2016: MW4 ? Bloodline ?

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Call of duty is definitely one of those games which every gamer, whether on PC or PS or XBOX, has played at least once. With 2015’s COD installment the Black Ops 3 being an overall hit in the gaming industry, enthusiastic gamers are already anticipating about the next COD installment, Call of duty 2016.

The COD franchise runs in a 3 year rotation in the development cycle. Black Ops 3 was developed by Treyarch and Advanced Warfare was developed by Sledgehammer games and this year its Infinity ward‘s turn. Infinity ward developed the famous Modern Warfare series and not so famous Ghosts, therefore there are speculations that this Call of duty 2016 might be MW4 or Ghosts 2 but they are just rumors.

As this is an infinity ward development we all have a pretty good idea of when we will get the trailer and which console will have the first DLC . There are also some rumors that this COD game might be called Call Of Duty Bloodlines, if  that’s the case then this will be fresh start as Activision has said that this installment will be “innovative”.

There is no confirmation about the release dates but from the history of COD , we can expect it to release within the first 2 weeks of November . The Call of duty 2016 trailer is to be expected soon.