Nintendo’s Miitomo App Launching on March 31 in US

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Nintendo’s first smartphone game, Miitomo, will be launched soon. It will be launched on March 31 in the US and Europe. The app will be available on iOS and Android along with the option to import a Wii U or 3DS Mii using a QR code.

Miitomo, the social app, will engage you in building a Mii and then answering questions written by Nintendo. Once you answer the questions, you will get some insightful or funny responses. These response will then be shared with your friends. Well then you can enjoy your friends’ comments and reactions. Now these exchanges will net you coins. You can use these coins to buy new clothes in the shop.

There is one more feature called the Miifoto. These feature lets you snap your Mii in various poses, giving you option to select different backgrounds. Then you can go ahead and share these beautiful on social media. Miitomo, already a huge success in Japan, is all set to expand its fan base. This addictive app has been downloaded million times in Japan.

On March 31, Nintendo will launch My Nintendo. It is a program that rewards players for buying digital games and using apps like Miitomo. This will come in combination to enhanced Wii U and Nintendo 3DS shop that will be based on

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