Call Of Duty WW2 Guide: How To Find Dr. Straub In Nazi Zombies Mode

Call of Duty WWII

This Call Of Duty WW2 guide is about how to find Dr. Straub In Nazi Zombies Mode. Call Of Duty WW2 Nazi Zombies, a new story-based game mode, is something interesting added to the game. COD WW2 is available on platforms PC, PS4 and Xbox One. COD WW2 is the 14th installment in the series. Sledgehammer Games developed COD WW2 and it is published by Activision, the game is set on a time period during WW2. It is about the squad in the 1st Infantry Division and their battles on the Western Front.

There is a new story-based game mode in this game called the Nazi Zombies mode where four players team up to survive a horde of zombies. This is a challenging game mode mainly because of the massive number of zombies you will have to contend with. To get the achievement/trophy called Lurking Around, you need to find a certain individual named Dr. Straub in the Final Reich map. You need to shoot him to get the trophy and this guide will show where to find him.

Call Of Duty WW2 Guide: How To Find Dr. Straub In Nazi Zombies Mode

Dr. Straub’s location is not fixed but he is mostly in either of the following locations. Go to the second larger area with the fire trap and check the window there, just after the road takes a left turn. He can also be in the Command Room or at the Morgue at any point after you unlock those two areas. In the Morgue, he will mostly be near the operating table. He can also be found in the laboratory area.

You can also find him near the gate near the sewers as well as inside the sewers. Go to the switches needed to open up the Salt Mines. Dr. Straub can appear here as well.

Now you know where and how to find Dr. Straub in Nazi Zombies mode. You may also like to read Call of Duty WW2 Guide: How to Get Tesla Gun in Nazi Zombies mode.