Capcom confirms Breath Of Fire 6 for PC and mobile coming in 2016, new trailer out

Breath Of Fire 6 for PC

Capcom has released a new trailer which confirms the release date of the upcoming entry in the popular JRPG.

According to the trailer, Breath Of Fire 6 for PC and Android will be released in February 2016, while the iOS version releases sometime in March.

The previous release was Breath of Fire 5 on PS2 which utilized 3D graphics. The newest installment will go back to the roots of the franchise and feature 2D graphics. And while you wonder if this is a step down for the series, the characters and art do look impressive and it even has voice acting. With what it looks like in the trailer, it’s a classic JRPG, with turn-based battles and 2D sprites.

No word on western release yet but we can expect one in the future.

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