Capcom Cup 2016: What You Should Expect

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In just a few days, you will see some of the best Street Fighter V players competing against each other at Capcom Cup 2016. If you’re not aware of the Capcom Cup let me give you a hint of what it is. Its am amazing fighting game tournament held every year where a lot of skilled Street Fighters professionals compete against each other in latest Street Fighter installment. And this year it will be held in a few days as 32 most skilled players have qualified and made their way through Capcom Cup Pro Tour Premier and regional events, EVO 2016 and many others, making them sit on top of the leaderboards. On top of the leaderboard sits, Razer Seonwoo, who is favorite to win Capcom Cup 2016.

Below is how the prize pot will be divided between the top three players:

  • 1st Place: $120,000 + CPT DLC Bonus
  • 2nd Place: $60,000 + CPT DLC Bonus
  • 3rd Place: $25,000 + CPT DLC Bonus