CES 2016: Smart Ski Airbag Vest

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CES 2016 saw the launch of Smart Ski airbag vest apart from the other high-tech wearables. The Smart Ski Airbag Vest is a new technological advancement. It will protect you from falls during skiing. The Smart Ski Airbag Vest is a product of the company In&Motion.

The Vest protects you by wrapping around your torso and save you from even serious falls while skiing.

Features of the Smart Ski Airbag Vest:

  • The vest looks like a flak jacket. It can easily fit under the regular skiing gear.
  • It is like a life-jacket when inflated
  • Has gyroscopic sensors, GPS and an accelerometer attached
  • the motion detector sensors can deploy the vest in less than 100 milliseconds in case there is a dis-balance in your movement
  • The Airbag vest protects your vital organs, hips and back

The Airbag Vest will cost you $1,200. It will be available by June this year. This is real life saver and a must have for all those serious enthusiastic skiers.