CES 2016: Sensorwake Alarm Clock

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CES 2016 introduced an entirely new and innovative alarm clock. The CES 2016 Sensorwake alarm clock is all set to make your mornings exciting. The struggle to get up is made easy. The new Sensorwake will wake you with scents.

The Sensorwake starts with morning with some awesome refreshing scents like

  • coffee
  • croissant
  • chocolate
  • peppermint
  • seaside scents
  • scents of jungle

So that list gives good reasons to start your day with the Sensorwake alarm clock. These scents comes as interchangeable capsules. These capsules can be for 30 uses each.

Some good reasons for using the Sensorwake alarm clock:

  • eco-friendly
  • recyclable
  • has backup sound alarm

Sensorwake will be available for $110. A two-pack scent capsules will cost $10.90. The clock will be in stores from June.