Consortium: The Tower’s Latest Video is Impressive Beyond Expectation

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Consortium: The Tower is a science fiction game which we have set our eyes on for a while now. With so many expectations from the game, the latest video shows off more than we kind of wanted out of the game, their extremely eye-opening and shockingly amazing video shows the true potential of this sci-fi game.

This infiltration game is set in a simulated skyscraper and has come far since its initial reveal.

iDGi CEO Gregory MacMartin shows off some exciting new footage in this latest video where he skydives onto the tower and a funny encounter with an NPC as well. Some of the voice actors can also be heard in the tower including Commander Sheppard. Mark Meer. MacMartin gives an update of the development in this post.

“After a year of very intense production, iDGi has officially reached a major milestone: all core planned game mechanics for Consortium: The Tower are functional and working well together. In layman’s terms, this just means that we now have a fully featured videogame with a hefty chunk of working content.”

Around half of the game has already been finalized by the developers,” Most of the Churchill Hotel, which represents *roughly* 1/2 of the complete game, has been fully realized”, this could mean that there will be a total of two playable/infiltrate-able locations.

“With this milestone achieved, what lies ahead for us is largely content creation and polish across the board. NPC choreography in particular comes later (this is an expensive and time consuming process, and we want to ensure all story/character logic issues are worked out before finalizing with choreo), as will a complete visual overhaul of the H.U.D.”

The game will most probably be revealed in a twitch stream on 10th June. For more updates regarding Consortium: The Tower, stay tuned.