Dead By Daylight Guide: List of All Items And Add-Ons

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In the game Dead by Daylight, there are various items, perks and skills which are very important to survive in the enclosed forest. Survivor mode features a third-person view whereas killer mode features a first-person one. And both of these classes that is Killer and Survivor share the experience pool while leveling up. Given below is a list of all items and add-ons the player can use while playing as a Survivor and as a Killer.

Dead By Daylight Guide: List of All Items And Add-Ons

The items remain with the player only if he manages to escape from the forest. Both, items and add-ons have a limited time period of usage and that is until the player dies or when the time expires in a match.

Items and Add-ons for Survivor

Flashlight: Used to Stun or Blind the Killer (Limited Use)

  • Focus Lens
    • Improves Range and Power, Tightens Beam.
  • Wide Lens
    • Widens Beam, Decreases Range.
  • Leather Grip
    • Increase Accuracy.
  • Power Bulb
    • Increase Beam Effect against the Killer.
  • Heavy Duty Battery
    • Adds Additional seconds of Use.
  • Low Amp Filament
    • Moderately Decreases Battery Consumption.

Medkit: Used to Heal Yourself or Allies(Limited Use)

  • Bandages
    • Adds Additional Charges.
  • Butterfly Tape
    • Increases Healing Speed.
  • Medical Scissors
    • Moderately Increases Healing Speed.

Skeleton Key: Unlocks the Hatch so you can escape(Limited Use)

  • Prayer Rope
    • Adds 10 sec of Use.
  • Eroded Token
    • Reveal Survivors Auras.

Toolbox: Used to Destroy Killer’s Hook and Repair Generator faster

  • Metal Saw
    • Increases Sabotage Speed.
  • Wire Spool
    • Adds 50 Additional Charges.
  • Common Rag
    • Increases Repair Speed.
  • Clean Rag
    • Increase Repair Speed.

Map: Shows nearby Objectives on screen for a limited time.

  • Odd Stamp
    • Increases Range of Tracking Ability.
  • Retardant Jelly
    • Moderately slows down burning rate.

Items and Add-ons for Killer


  • Chainsaw File
    • Slightly reduce the noise made by the Chainsaw, Stack.
  • Rusted Chain
    • Considerably increases the healing time of survivor injured by the Chainsaw, Stack.
  • Vegetable Oil
    • Slightly Decreases the Chainsaw’s cool down, stacks.


  • Tapper Bag
    • Start with on Extra Bear Trap and can hold one extra Bear Trap.
  • 4 Coil Spring Kit
    • Moderately increases the difficulty to escape Bear Trap; moderately increases the rescue time of Bear Trap; Slightly increases the setting Time of Bear Traps; affects every Bear Trap and Stack.
  • Tar Bottle
    • Considerably darkens the bear trap, affect every Bear Trap.
  • Serrated Jaws
    • Inflicts heavy bleeding upon the trapped victim until healed affect every Bear Trap.
  • Logwood Dye
    • Moderately Darkens bear Trap, affects all Bear Traps.
  • Secondary Coil
    • Moderately increases the Bear Trap sabotage time, affects all Bear Traps, Stack.