Dead By Daylight Guide: Surviving The Trapper

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In this new game, there are Survivors looking to escape the forest and Killers looking to kill those Survivors. There are three deadly Killers in the game and this Surviving The Trapper guide will explain about one of them that is The Trapper.

Dead By Daylight Guide: Surviving The Trapper


The Trapper

  • The Trapper is the First Killer in the game and he focuses on setting up traps near windows, corridors or pathways, generators and the exit lane.
  • This creature can easily trace footsteps and usually chases down one target at a time.
  • He uses two weapons.
    • The first one is The Cleaver which is used to wipe off the blood from the survivor’s cut-off arm.
    • The second one is the traps which have already been talked about.
  • These traps are armed only after the player makes a physical contact with it.
  • When the player is trapped in it, he has to rely on other Survivors to help him escape it.


How to Survive from The Trapper

  • It is recommended that the player walks slowly and looks for these traps near the mentioned areas.
  • The player needs to disarm them before stepping on to them.
  • A perk is required to highlight these traps.
  • Maintain a low profile and use a Toolbox to destroy these traps if the player doesn’t wish to disarm it.
  • Try not to run too much as the Trapper can easily trace the footsteps.