Destroy All Humans Secret Trophies

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Destroy All Humans! is all set to release on July 28 and here we are the list of all Destroy All Humans Secret trophies and complete list of the main trophies. It is a remake of the earlier version and is an open world game. The developers say the remake will hold on its roots, will a whole new and modern feel. It will be available on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Google Stadia. Black Forest Games is behind this fabulous game’s remake and it is to have some content from the original game that was cut out. The game is designed as a parody of the alien invasion films during the Cold War-era. We saw a glimpse of the game in the trailer in E3 2019.

Destroy All Humans Secret Trophies

Bombing Run – Complete the mission named Duck and Cover!

Eminence Grise – Complete the mission Citizen Crypto.

First Contact – Complete Destination Earth! mission

Impeached – Complete the Attack of the 50 Ft. President! mission

Mars Needs Information – The Island Suburbia successful completion gets you this secret trophy.

Power Trip – This requires that you complete a side mission, with the condition that you have the Bulletproof Crypto code enabled.

This Ridiculous War – Complete the mission Armiquist vs. the Furons!

We’re Doing It Live – Complete Suburb of the Damned. mission