The Disappointment in No Man’s Sky is Hello Games’ Fault

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The reception to No Man’s Sky hasn’t been as high as everyone hoped. Critics were overall positive (though not ecstatic), but fans have been vocally disappointed in how shallow the content in the game is. Well, this happened only because of unrealistic expectations set forth by claims made by Hello Games in the promotional material for No Man’s Sky which were straight-up lies.

Sean Murray, head of Hello Games repeatedly said things that are not in the final game. For instance, that it’d be possible for two players to run into each other, which never happens even if they coordinate to be in the exact same spot. He also said that Sentinels (the police of the galaxy) would sometimes roam planets, adding a ton to the immersion factor. But that’s actually far from true: they just magically spawn whenever the player starts shooting stuff and builds his wanted meter, which brings the whole thing down to a video game mechanic, breaking said immersion.

The fact is, if Sean Murray had kept his mouth shut about what would and wouldn’t be in the game fans wouldn’t be as angry as they are.