The Division Guide: How to Get to Central Park Glitch

The Division Wiki Guide: How to Get to Central Park Glitch

When you The Division, you will land yourself on Manhattan Island. The situation would a total lockdown with each entrance under Military Surveillance. So that it extremely difficult to leave the island. You can go on exploring the  22 districts on the Manhattan Island. And if you are thinking of exploring the DLC areas, the you need this guide to get you to The Division Glitch Guide.

The Division Guide: How to Get to Central Park Glitch

The Glitch in Hell´s Kitchen Area opens door to the other parts of the area which is gets unlocked with the DLC.

  1. Reach to the Hell´s Kitchen safe-house
  2. No move to close to the gate (see the image below)
    • Glitch1
  3. Now you will see the Ctrl (Jump) option
  4. Reached. Enjoy exploration

How to Get out of the Central Park Glitch DLC area

  1. Move towards the marked Location shown below
    • Glitch2
  2. The red flares will be visible as you go near the Underground tunnel
  3. Jump into the tunnel to get to your Safehouse.

How to Explore the Main Area

  1. To explore the main area, you need Ballistic Shield and Mobile Cover
  2. Now move to the location where you saw the red flares
  3. Get near the wall
  4. Now place the mobile cover close to you, so that once your character gets stuck, you must take out the shield and then start rolling back towards the wall
  5. Done. You will get through the other side.