The Division Guide: How to Get Highest DPS Build

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Once again we are here with another The Division guide. This time we will see how to get highest DPS build. So let’s create and use high DPS Weapon.

The Division Guide: How to Get Highest DPS Build

Requirements for a High DPS weapon

  • Weapon To Use
  • Mods To Attach
    Magazine mods ( increase your DPS drastically, an increased magazine size along with increased rate of fire as your secondary perk )

    • For Crafting guy, use the Extended Magazine Blueprint
    • Others can apply Either Critical Hit Damage or Critical Hit Chance


  1. Gloves (can roll base weapons damage by adding +350 damage to your gun)
  2. Mask ( Refreshed –
    • Healing skills increased by 30%
    • while in the last segment of Rehabilitated
    • Under a status affect health regenerated 2% per second)


  • Support Station (Ammo Cache Mod)
  • Smart Cover(Recharger Mod)
  • Recovery Link(Heal)
  • Tactical Link(Damage Buff)
  • Survivor Link(Damage Reduction)


  • Steady Hands ( To increase the overall DPS. It will reduce recoil while taking cover. And it will makes it easier to take Headshots and double the damage)
  • On the Move ( To reduces 30% of the incoming damage after killing the enemies )
  • Precision ( To keep your DPS high and increase the Headshot Pulse Enemies )
  • One is Not enough (Headshot will have 50% chance of not consuming the bullet )

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