The Division-Graphics Options Revealed

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The graphics options for Red Storm’s PC version of The Division offer plenty of customization and tweaking for PC gamers.

Last week, Ubisoft revealed that the PC version, developed in association with Red Storm, is not a port, and will feature an unlockable frame rate.

In the weekend, videos had emerged showing the gameplay in low settings but also showing the full list of graphics options. Those videos have been removed but Neogaf managed to take it before the removal.

PC Version Video Options:

Vsync (on/off)
Frame Rate Limit (on/off)
Shadow Quality
Shadow Resolution
Spot Shadow Count
Spot Shadow Resolution
Contact Shadows
Post FX AA
Temporal AA
Sharpen Image (%)
Particle Detail
Enable Wind-affected Snow
Volumetric Fog
Reflection Quality
Local Reflection Quality
Sub-surface Scattering
Anisotropic Filtering
Parallax Mapping
Ambient Occlusion
Depth of Field
Object Detail (%)
Extra Streaming Distance (%)
Chromatic Aberration (on/off)
Lens Flare (on/off)
Vignette Effect (on/off)

A closed beta of The Division kicks off from 28 Jan and the game will be released for PC, Xbox One and PS4 on 8 March.