Doom 2016 Guide: All Easter Eggs

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Doom, which was originally known as Doom 4, out on May 13, 2016. It is a first-person shooter video game. The developer of the game is Software and the publisher is Bethesda Softworks. Doom released on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Here we are with the latest Doom Easter Eggs. Easter eggs have become a common thing in the modern day games and the last reboot of one of the most beloved franchises DOOM is no exception. It contains a lot of Easter eggs and secrets waiting to be discovered or explored. Let’s start.

Doom 2016 Easter Eggs

Dopechan Noodles

When you go on advancing in the game, you sometimes find some Chinese like noodle boxes lying around, but when you take a closer look you see that it reads “Dopechan Noodles” with a Dopefish logo. Well, that’s a reference to the game “Commander Keen’’, a game by ID- software, where Dopefish made its debut.

Doom 2016 Easter Eggs

Classic DOOM

Artwork from Original DOOM

When you meet Samuel Hayden for the first time, look at his desk, there you will find a golden picture or gold painting, with a Doom marine in it killing demons similar to the marine and demons in the Ultimate Doom cover picture.

Doom 2016 Easter Eggs684595424_preview_Classic2

Music from Original DOOM (Nostalgia Alert!)

If you happen to find a ‘Doom Doll’ then pick it up, you will hear it playing a song. Wonder what that song is? It is the theme song of the very first level of the very first Doom game.

Doom 2016 Easter Eggs

Original DOOM Sprite

When you are in Olivia Pierce’s office look at a PC screen warning you about the demons. The picture which is shown on the side the PC screen is of a Sprite of the very first DOOM game.

Doom 2016 Easter Eggs

Another Easter egg in Olivia Pierce’s office is, you will find a Soul Cube, which is a hell artifact of DOOM 3.

Doom 2016 Easter Eggs

DOOM 2 Throwback

In DOOM, you will find yourself in a level later in the game, which is a complete remaster of the old Dead Simple level of DOOM 2.

They changed almost everything in the map but kept the structure and the original essence of the map, which is a good thing.

DOOM-Easter-EggsDoom 2016 Easter Eggs