Battleborn Guide: How to skip Intro Cinematic

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As soon as the player boots up the game Battleborn, it shows the prologue and the battle videos. The video is nice but watching it over and over again makes it very boring. This video is non-skipable too. A few players also face video issues when playing this video which makes them to restart the whole game. The following guide shows how to skip the intro cinematic.

How to Skip Intro Cinematic in Battleborn

Before starting, make sure to keep a Steam file backup in case of any issue.

Step 1:

Open the Steam Folder

  • Steam\steamapps\common\Battleborn\PoplarGame\Movies

Step 2:

Locate the Intro File – ‘C1.bk2’ and take a backup before proceeding to Step 3.

Step 3:

Either Delete the File or Rename it from ‘C1.bk2’ to ‘C1.bk2.bak’


That’s it. Now there won’t be any intro cinematic in the game for the player.