Doom 2016 Developers id Software Praise AMD Ryzen, Say Latest Game Engine Will Fully Utilize It

Doom 2016

The Developers of DOOM 2016, id Software has praised the attractive price to performance ratio of AMDs Ryzen processors and claim that the latest ID Tech game engine will fully utilize its potential.

In a video interview, id Software’s Chief Technology Officer spoke about AMD’s Zen architecture and said:

What it does for gamers is going to be key. Ryzen has a super attractive price point, so we’re going to see a lot more capable CPUs in a lot more people’s hands over time and the additional threads and cores allow us to turn up a lot of things, like better frame rate, more AI, more things happening in the game space, more simulations running, more realistic worlds.

We’re working on the next generation of idTech right now and we’re definitely going to fully optimize for Ryzen. The new engine technology that we’re working now is far more parallel than idTech 6 was; we plan to really consume all the CPU that Ryzen can offer.

All of the latest Ryzen CPUs are extremely efficient and provide a nice price to performance ratio when compared with Intel counterparts.

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