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Doom Eternal released in March 2020 by Bethesda Softworks. It is the 5th main game in the serious and the sequel to Doom 2016. Like its predecessor, it too has many demons and here we have Doom Eternal demons list and their categories. The game is getting very positive reviews and it is believed that already more than 3 million copies are sold. It is playable on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Stadia. The Nintendo Switch version that may release in the future.

Doom Eternal has done some excellent work with the graphics, combat mechanics and campaigns. The story is set some time after the events of the Doom 2016. Doom Slayer is set again on his mission to stop Hell’s consumption of Earth and destroy Maykrs’ plans. Below are the list of demons that comes up in the game. These can broadly be classified as Super Heavy demons, Heavy demons and Fodder demons, the last category is the least dangerous.

Doom Eternal Demons List Guide

Doom Eternal Super Heavy Demons

The super heavy demons are very powerful mini-bosses. They are at the top of all the demons.
as they have much better defenses, gear and HP. These monsters are dangerous and should be approached carefully.

Baron of Hell
Cyberdemon (Tyrant)
Doom Hunter

Doom Eternal Heavy Demons

These heavy demons are monsters are the vanguards of the Hell’s armies. You have to confront them strategically. Their health pools are moderate.

Arachnotron Cacodemon
Hell Knight / Dread Knight
Macubus / Cyber Mancubus
Pain Elemental
Pinky / Spectre

Doom Eternal Fodder Demons

These demons are the weakest among other above demon categories. Utilize them for armor, ammo and HP. Reaped through plain fights, Glory Kills or chainsaws.

Lost Soul
Maykr Drones
Possessed Soldier


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