EaseUS Data Recovery software: Best data recovery companion

EaseUS Data Recovery software: Best data recovery companion

There are hundreds of thousands of people who suddenly get a shock one day as they open their PC that their data is gone. For some, it’s not a more significant loss, but for some people, it’s a loss of a lifetime. Wonder if that happens to you. 

What should someone do when such a tragedy happens? Yes, it is a tragedy, because you lose all your photos of travel, weddings, fun with friends, family, videos, educational material, office work, ID documents, software collections, songs, movies, and much more stuff from an unimaginable list.

It happened to me. It left me to freeze. It has been a big question about what should someone do when this happens? There should be some software that brings the data back without much hustle. So, to clear this doubt, yes, there is software that can make HD recovery (recuperação de hd) and bring all the data back to your pocket in a small matter of time. 

The best software that I have come across and used is ‘EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard.’ This software is a hell of amazement. Let me give you a better insight into the abilities and powers of this software.

Free thing first

It is free software, which means you won’t need to invest any money to get your data back. You can quickly and easily recover up to 2 GB of your data. Further to that, there is a little cost that you need to bear. In Pro and Pro+Bootable editions, you’ll have unlimited recovery of data.

What will it recover?

It will recover more than 100 file types. Be it documents of docx, pptx, xlsx, pdf, txt, cwk, html, etc. or photos and videos of all kinds, audio, email, zip reserves, other graphic files such as Photoshop or Corel. You can recover all types that a person would use regularly. Also, you have the option to recover anything such as videos and recover fotos in USB (recuperar fotos de pendrive) or external HDD.

What else other than recovery?

You’ll see tens of software on the internet that will help you recover certain types of photos and videos up to a size limit. But the issue with them is that the file gets recovered, but most are damaged, and you can’t use them. 

What’s the use of such recovery? EaseUS recovery software takes exceptional care of this issue. It will not only recover your files but will repair your images and videos, which are the most common form of corrupted and damaged files. 

What’s the process of recovery?

Its user-friendly dialogue lets the user perform repairs in minutes without any expertise. All you need to do is to click on the drive that you need to recover, and it will start scanning. Please sit back and relax while it gathers all the information and starts recovering.

What are the perks of recovery?

It recovers while scanning. Both things happen simultaneously, which means your data will be with you in a quick time, unlike any other software. 

There are two types of scans – quick scans and deep scans. A quick scan works on the surface level and brings the right files back, but a deep scan recovers the corrupted and damaged files as well.

Multiple options

There are many other facilities to understand and categorize your to-be recovered data. You can filter a specific type of data, so you get what you want in a quick round of hourglass. Also, you can customize the data recovery process as per your schedule. Start and stop whenever you wish to.

It is useful software with soothing user-friendliness, which takes puts all worries back to Pandora’s Box.