Everspace Release Date Announced – Details

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Everspace had an early preview of the game’s progress, we saw that it was very underdeveloped and had lack of features – While the game is coming out of Early Access and entering full release on May 26th, we’ve seen more content, making the game (more or less) prime real estate.

This game was originally a kickstarter project back in 2015 which was successfully funded.

The game now has a functioning cockpit, mysterious alien race and more. This game is also VR enabled and will be something to look forward to for VR headset owners.

Latest added features:

  • Added mysterious alien race, referred to as “The Ancients”
  • Added ancient structures, which work as shortcuts
  • Added Glyphs, the second kind of Enhancements
  • Added functional, animated cockpit displays for all player ships
  • Added option to hide HUD in cockpit view
  • Added new device: Missile Turret