Fallout 4 Far Harbor Guide: Acadia Side Quest

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Fallout 4 DLCs are always exciting making me keep playing the game for days. Here we will look into Fallout 4 Far Harbor Acadia side quest. In this DLC of Fallout 4, the player starts an investigation with Nick Valentine to find a missing girl and comes across various factions in the game, one of which being Synths Of The Acadia. This guide shows how to finish their each and every quest. Check out Fallout 4 Far Harbor Children of Atom side quest.

Fallout 4 Far Harbor Acadia Side Quest

This faction is ruled by DiMA and have Chase and Faraday as the main Synths.

Acadian Ideals

First, talk to DiMA at Acadia. He will then direct the player to talk to Chase and Faraday to know about their goal. Chase will ask the player to find out about the missing Synth. Talk to Brooks at the Far Harbor to get another quest.

If the player speaks to Faraday first, he will tell the player about the boat carrying a storage device which never reached its destination. Then, another quest will start. So, finish both of these quests.

The Arrival

Speak to Brooks to know more about the missing Synth. South of this position is a house. Speak with a Trapper there who will give the exact location of the missing Synth. Report all of this to Chase and the player will receive Hitman’s Boosted Fiery Automatic Institute Rifle as a reward. That’s everything from Fallout 4 Far Harbor Acadia Side Quest guide.