Fallout 4 Far Harbor Guide: How to Complete Side Quests

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In this DLC of Fallout 4, the player starts on an investigation with Nick Valentine to find a missing girl and comes across various factions in the game, one being the townspeople of Far Harbor. This how to complete Side Quests in Fallout 4 guide shows their each and every quest and how to complete them.

Side quests are exciting in any game and more so for Fallout 4. The game released in the year 2015 in November. Set in post-apocalyptic city of Boston and Massachusetts. It is available for PS4, PC and Xbox One.

Fallout 4 Far Harbor Guide: How to Complete Side Quests

Living on the Edge

Once the player defends the area against the Hull attack, he will have gained the trust of the townspeople. Speak to Captain Avery and then to Cassie Dalton at the docks. The player will receive a Blood Tide. The player then needs to again defend the Mariner’s Hull Breach and speak to Captain Avery to receive the Safe Passage. Next, speak with Teddy Wright and accept the challenge to finish this quest.

Hull Breach

The player needs to get inside the Eagle’s Cove Tannery by lockpicking and then get a Tannery key. Sell the tools to Machete Mike for 2750 caps.

Hull Breach 2

Kill the Bilge and the other trappers in the area including the shipwreck and the tower. Speak with the Mariner.

Safe Passage

The player needs to find Howard Dunbar’s corpse and get the Fog Condenser components. After fixing the Condenser, speak with Avery.

The Changing Tide

The player needs to speak with Mitch to get The Hold Out and Hull Breach 2 from the Mariner. After finishing these tasks, speak to Avery to get a Rescue Diver Suit as a reward.

Blood Tide

Kill feral ghouls at National Park Campground and speak to Cassie. Kill the Frog Crawler at the Dalton Farm and update Cassie again. Find Douglas at Brooke’s head Lighthouse and receive the Holotape as a reward.

The Hold Out

Speak with Uncle Ken at National Park Visitor’s Central. Defend against the Trappers. After this, either convince Ken to tag along or just speak with Mitch to finish the quest and obtain the Firebelly Recipe as a reward.

Turn Back the Fog

Kill all the ghouls at the Echo Lake Lumber Mill. The player then meets Malcolm who provides 4 ways to finish this quest. That’s all about Fallout 4 Far Harbor how to complete side quests guide.