Fallout 76 – How to Join Enclave Faction

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Fallout 76 is out and here we are with Fallout 76 how to join Enclave faction guide. it is a multiplayer game. Fallout 76  has Bethesda Game Studios as its developer and publisher. it is 9th game in the Fallout series. it is set in an alternate version of the history in the year 2102. It is 25 years past the Nuclear war devastated the Earth.

The game is available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. This narrative prequel to the Fallout series is developed using Creation Engine. Enclave Faction is very important in the game. So here we will how to join it in the game.

Fallout 76 – How to Join Enclave Faction

Before you go ahead, make sure you have the Level 3 Lockpicking/Hacking skill. Check out the easternmost River on the map. There you will find the Waste Dump. Get there. Once you are at the location, look out for a cave. The cave will have Deathclaws as guards.

You have to clear the Abandoned Waste Dump cave. Then only you can get to the bunker inside it. Here you have to unlock the Enclave Vault location by successfully completing the puzzles. Once you get the location details, get there and accept their faction quest. After accepting the faction, you will be sent to a new location by the Enclave.

Then get to the Sugar Grove. There you have to take down the robot guardian. Once the robot is taken care of, from the Sugar Grove terminal, collect the tape. Now come back to the Enclave bunker to turn in the quest item and finally join the Enclave faction. That’s all about Fallout 76 – how to join Enclave Faction. Check out Fallout 76 Steam Achievements list.