Far Cry 5 Guide: Fishing Locations and How to Catch Fish

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Far Cry 5 is Ubisoft’s action-adventure first-person shooter game It released for Microsoft Windows, PS4 and Xbox One on Mar 27, 2018. This Far Cry 5 guide is about all the fishing locations and how to catch fish in Far Cry 5.

Far Cry 5 is set in Hope County. It is a fictional place in Montana. The game shows how a preacher named Joseph Seed, in Hope county, Montana and his cult The Project at Eden’s Gate running a dictatorial rule in the county. To fight the injustice, the protagonist, a Junior Deputy, gets trapped along the task force at Hope County. Despite the Joseph Seed’s resistance, he continues his mission to free Hope County from the rule of Joseph Seed’s cult The Project at Eden’s Gate.

Far Cry 5 Guide: Fishing Locations and How to Catch Fish

Fishing is like a whole new mini-game inside the main game with a plethora of challenges and unlockables.

Far Cry 5 How to Catch Fish

To unlock fishing, you need to play through the main story till the point where the Father thwarts you and your crew’s plans. Now you need to get to Jacob’s territory. For that you need to go to the western banks of Dutch’s Island and take a boat to get to the destination. Go to the main river that runs through the land and you should spot a shop vendor fishing with a green dollar sign above him. The spot next to him has a fishing rod sticking out of the ground. Take the place. Go to the fishing rod in your inventory. Then face the water and then to start fishing just hold down the right trigger.

To cast your line, hold down the right trigger. Release the trigger at any time and your line will go into the water. For bringing the bait close to the shore, you need to tap the left trigger periodically. When your controller vibrates, a fish has caught your line. Now, to hook the fish, press the right trigger fast and bring it close to you. Then keep holding the left trigger and push the right analog stick in the opposite direction that the fish swims. Finally when you get the fish, you have two options. One, sell it and second is to give it to Cheeseburger The Bear. If you become an expert in fishing, you can get easy money out of it. Chinooks, for instance, sell for 100$ each, which is a good amount.

Challenges and Perks Associated with Fishing

There are also many challenges and perks associated with fishing. Press the touchpad on the Dualshock 4 or the select button on Xbox One to go over to the challenges tab. Go to the Hunting tab there and scroll to the bottom to see the various challenges associated with fishing. Complete these challenges to earn Perk Points which you can spend to unlock Perks in the menu. For example, there is a Fisher King perk which tires fishes out more quickly, making it easier for you to catch them. It costs 4 Perk points. You can also unlock new types of flies for catching heavier fish.

Now that we know how to catch fish and we will head on to show the fishing locations in the game.

Far Cry 5 Guide: Fishing Locations

BULL TROUT – North from Dutch’s Island and into the main river that runs to Jacob’s territory.

CHINOOK SALMON – Go west and a little south of the FANG Centre on the Mocassin River.

KOKANEE SALMON – To get to Kokanee salmon, you need to go to Dutch’s Island’s northwest, north of Clagett Bay and Elk Jaw Lodge.

GOLDEN TROUT – In the centre of the map, around the compound where you start the game.

RAINBOW TROUT – In John’s region. In the northern part, you can find the three spots in close proximity to each other.

LAKE TROUT – Now this can be located at the centre of the map, close to Joseph’s compound.

PALLID STURGEON – In the bottom left area of John’s region, around the Lamb Of God Church. There are two locations here.

PADDLEFISH STURGEON – This will be in John’s region’s southern part, close to the Lamb Of God Church and Fall’s End.

LARGEMOUTH BASS – At the eastern edge of Faith’s region, find two spots running along the eastern edge of the map.

ROCK BASS – This will found in Faith’s region, on the southern river’s banks.

SMALLMOUTH BASS – Many spots here on the rivers in Faith’s region.

That’s all about Far Cry 5 Fishing Locations and How to Catch Fish guide. You may also like to check out Far Cry 5 Secret Achievements List.