Far Cry 5 Guide: How To Clear Cultist Outposts

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In our previous we mentioned about Far Cry 5 Fishing locations and how to catch fish in the game. Here we will talk about how to clear cultist outposts in Far Cry 5. The game released on Mar 27, 2018. It is a game by Ubisoft. It is out for Microsoft Windows, Xbox One and PS4.

Set in Hope County, a fictional place in Montana, the game is about a preacher, his cult and the main protagonist. The game shows how the preacher Joseph Seed and his cult The Project at Eden’s Gate are dominating the local people in Hope County with their dictatorial rule. Junior Deputy, the protagonist, is an unarmed and trapped with the task force in the County. He works to free people from Seed’s rule.

Far Cry 5 Guide: How To Clear Cultist Outposts

There are many outposts scattered across the vast game world, each of which hold many Eden’s Gate cultists. This guide will show how to liberate these outposts in the game.

To fully liberate an outpost, you will have to kill all the cultists within it including any reinforcements that may have been called. This feature follows from the previous Far Cry titles. Jacob, John and Faith have a total of seven outposts in each of their respective regions. The player gets Resistance Points for each one being conquer.

When you are planning to take out an outpost, you can either go in loud and kill everyone or stealthily take control of the area. Taking the stealth route is tougher as you will have to kill each cultist without being detected. But this also negates the cultists calling reinforcements. If the outpost is tough, you may not be able to handle the reinforcements if you choose the go in loud route.

But, if you still want to be a hero, make sure to stock up on a lot of ammo and medical supplies before attacking. There will be tough enemies with flamethrowers and heavy machine guns. Stock up on medkits, grenades and dynamite to be best prepared. You can also take an ally with you for this purpose. Go to the Roster tab in the pause menu and there will be a list of every Gun/Fang for hire you have unlocked thus far.

A great tactic is to save up money to get a helicopter. To clear the outpost, you need to used its weapons. It will still be tough but rain down with rockets and machine guns and you can take the outpost. Now once you free an outpost, here is all you get: a new recruit and a vendor. The vendor will sell weapons, ammo and clothes. That’s everything Far Cry 5 how to clear Cultist Outposts. Check out Far Cry 5 Guide: Fishing Locations and How to Catch a Fish.