Far Cry 5 Vehicles Guide – How to Get Different Type of Vehicles

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In an open world game, vehicles are undoubtedly very important. So here we are with Far Cry 5 vehicles guide -how to get different type of vehicles. Ubisoft’s Far Cry 5 was out for PC, PS4 and Xbox One on Mar 27, 2018. It is out for Microsoft Windows, Xbox One and PS4.

Set in Hope County, a fictional place in Montana, the game is about a preacher, his cult and the main protagonist. The game shows how the preacher Joseph Seed and his cult The Project at Eden’s Gate are dominating the local people in Hope County with their dictatorial rule. Junior Deputy, the protagonist, is an unarmed and trapped with the task force in the County. He works to free people from Seed’s rule.

Far Cry 5’s adventures include taming wild animals. You get the ability to control wild animals through a system called Fangs for Hire. This system came into existence in the game Far Cry Primal. Taming wild animals gives you additional advantage in the combat field. It gets easier to take down enemies with the tamed beasts, each having a different and powerful fight strategy. Far Cry 5 also has a fishing mechanic and you can catch  different fishes. You can play the campaign solo or in cooperative multiplayer mode known as Friends for Hire.

Far Cry 5 Vehicles Guide – How to Get Different Type of Vehicles

A big part of the Far Cry franchise has been the vehicles. Whether you prefer to enjoy the skies with a heli or you would rather cruise through the seas with a boat or if you want to just run over people in land vehicles, this guide has got you covered. This guide will serve as a guide for finding different types of vehicles in the game.

For getting any vehicle, the player needs to visit the corresponding marker on the map for the vehicle. There are markers like these for boats, cars and helicopters, so head over to whichever one you prefer. Look for the yellow key locker, interact with it to place an order for the vehicle and you will receive at once. The vehicles though aren’t cheap, especially if you are looking to get a boat with a minigun or a helicopter. They can cost more than 3,000$. Once you make the purchase, the vehicle is yours permanently. Don’t worry if it gets destroyed. Just head back to the marker, interact with the yellow key locker to make your purchased vehicle respawn there, without any additional cost.

Aerial vehicles are very handy in the game to clear out outposts and defeat enemies, in general. Helipads and plane hangars are very few in the game so you will have to do some exploring to get these air vehicles. You can unlock the aeroplane markers for purchase only after you finish the Hangar Pains Prepper Stash mission. Helicopter purchase markers are available to you and there are a few scattered around the game world. However, they are not cheap so you will need to save up cash to buy them. Even the most basic helicopter without attached weapons is expensive.

Unlock Adelaide Drubman as a gun for hire by liberating Drubman Marina. The person will always arrive in a helicopter when called upon unlike other guns for hire. So, you are pretty much guaranteed to get a helicopter when you call upon Adelaide.