Far Cry 5 Weapons Guide – Upgrades, Prestige Weapons, Explosives

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The right weapon at the right time is what gets you will the combat. So this guide is about Far Cry 5 Weapons – upgrades, Prestige weapons, explosives and more. Released on Mar 27, 2018, Ubisoft’s Far Cry 5 has received good reception. It is available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Just like previous Far Cry games, this too is an open world game where you are free to roam around and explore. You can do your exploration on foot or in vehicles available. Either way it is fun. We will look into weapons upgrade and explosives but before that it is worth mentioning that apart from weapons, there are wild animals to use in combats. You can tame the wild animals to make them take orders from you and attack the enemy.


Far Cry 5 Weapons Guide – Upgrades, Prestige Weapons, Explosives and More

As in any Far Cry game, weapons play a big role in this game too. The game doesn’t explain it well but you can upgrade your weapons too. There are explosive upgrades and sticky explosives as well. You can also buy Prestige weapons and unlock a 4th weapon slot. This guide will show how to all that in the game.

First up, upgrading weapons. Upgrading weapons is not a very easy task. You need to look for a seller in Far Cry 5 and see whether you are able to access the weapons and upgrades menu. From here, you can buy new weapons or upgrade existing ones. There are two things to keep in mind though. For upgrading a weapon, it should be present in the first slot. Secondly, the upgrade needs cash. So make sure you have enough to purchase the upgrade. You can get decals and performance upgrades from the seller. Pick carefully the performance upgrade you want. Use suppressors if you are a stealthy guy or extra magazines if you go in all guns blazing.

Prestige Weapons

There are also prestige weapons in the game. They have their own unique weapon skin. Here they are.

  • Prestige Rifle
    • SA50 “Free State”
    • $7,200 or 400 Silver Bars
  • Prestige Machine Gun
    • AR-C “Stars ‘N Stripes”
    • $9,000 or 500 Silver Bars
  • Prestige Shotgun
    • M-79 “Shark Shooter”
    • $9,000 or 500 Silver Bars
  • Prestige Sidearm
    • 1911 Extended “Golden Aerie”
    • $7,200 or 400 Silver Bars
  • Prestige Shovel
    • Optimism
    • $3,600 or 200 Silver Bars

How to Other Unlock Weapon Slots

You will need to get the Weapons Collector perk to get three and then four slots. Perk points are needed to get those perks. You need to defeat one of the 5 lieutenants to get the Weapons Collector perk. For the 4th slot, target the lieutenant of one region. Then kill him to get the 4th slot.

Multiple Fire Modes

There are multiple fire modes for many weapons in the game. To check it out, you need to highlight the weapon in the wheel. Then you will see vertical bullets and button next to it. Click on it.

Ammo for Weapons

You can also use different types of ammo for different weapons. For checking the weapon ammo, in the wheel, highlight the weapon and then there will be horizontal ammo and button next to it. Press the button.

When you get explosives in the game, they aren’t sticky by default but you can upgrade them to sticky. Lookout for a seller. Then open the items menu and go through the explosives upgrades section. Purchase the following to get sticky explosives.

    • Sticky Dynamite – $1,000  
    • Proximity Explosive and Sticky Remote – $1,000
    • Sticky Grenade – $1,000

You can cycle between standard and sticky explosives in the weapon wheel.

That’s everything from Far Cry 5 Weapons guide about weapon upgrades, Prestige weapons, explosives and more. You may like to check out Far Cry 5 How to Get Boomer the Dog.