Far Cry Primal Guide: South Stone And Dust Location

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The latest title in the famous Far Cry franchise, Far Cry Primal is set in the fictional land of Oros around 10000 BC in the Stone Age when humans were still a part of the food chain and not on top of it. There are dangerous wild animals and savage enemies like The Udams and The Izila in Oros and in order to survive in the game, the player must learn the skill of crafting weapons. This guide shows you how to find the South Stone and Dust location.

Far Cry Primal Guide: South Stone and Dust Location

In order to upgrade the Wenja village, the player needs to gather resources. There may be a time when the player has run out of resources in a particular area and in which case, he needs to go to other areas to gather resources. The player does have the Hunter vision for this purpose but it won’t reveal the exact location.

Look for the Payska River Outpost in the map. The player must go to this location (either fast travel or by conventional means). This location is full of South Stone and South Stone Dust, especially near the shore and inside the lake. Using the Hunter vision here will help the player gather it faster. The player must be at least mid-level skilled or have a good Tamed beast before he starts the hunt in this area.

The Rare South Stone is found in the same area as the other stones but the player needs to have some degree of luck here in which case it may be found by looting the enemy corpses or nearby their huts.

Far Cry Primal Wiki Guide: South Stone And Dust Location