Final Fantasy 15 Director Discusses the Game’s Delay

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The long-awaited Final Fantasy 15 was delayed from September to November with little explanation, and now the game’s director Hajime Tabata has opened up to Famitsu regarding the reasoning behind this delay.

“The optimization isn’t yet sufficient”, Tabata claims. He also said the framerate isn’t holding up to 30 FPS consistently like Square Enix would like. A framerate that dips below 30 is a big problem – we’ll gladly wait a little longer to play the game if they fix that. He also talked about fixing “various bugs” and “refining the game’s balance”, whatever that means.

It’s crucial for Square Enix that Final Fantasy 15 comes out this year, as it’s one of the company’s biggest games, financially speaking. But a two-month delay isn’t a big deal.