Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker Marks a New Beginning

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Square Enix broadcast a new addition to the MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV called Endwalker. According to the developers, the add-on will end the current story of the game; but the MMORPG itself does not end there. And after that, players will wait for the beginning of a new Story in update 6.1.

Apparently, the “canon” profession of the Warrior of Light in this expansion will be “Paladin.” By the way, there will also be two new professions waiting for us in Endwalker. The first is the “Sage,” acting as a barrier healer.

The developers will also raise the level cap to 90, and several new locations will add for travel and exploration.

Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker Gameplay

Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker is the 14th installment in the Final Fantasy series. The story of the game has told with the setting set in the land of Eorzea, where six nations join forces against the Garlemald Empire. It is an extremely dictatorial empire with the most advanced weapons and always has the intention to dominate the world.

Having to face the expansion of this empire, the player must also witness the collapse of the Scions of the Seventh Dawn – the only hope. However there will be new warriors rising to continue.

In this 14th part, we can also understand more about the two characters Hydaelyn and Zodiark. After all, who are they really, what is their purpose? Even more intriguing, this latest Vow of Virtue update marks the connection between Shadowbringer’s main event and the mechanical post-apocalyptic world of Nier Automata.

Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker Release date information

According to the newly revealed information, Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker will officially be released on November 23, 2021. However, if you book quickly, users can access the game four days earlier than the launch date, ie around Friday, November 19, 2021.

Recently, in Final Fantasy Fan Fest 2021, director Naoki Yoshida gave an extremely detailed presentation about Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker, including the release date. According to him, this launch game will have four different versions, respectively Collector’s Edition, Collector’s Box, Digital Collector’s Edition, and Standard Edition. And all four of these versions will come with a digital code instead of the usual physical one.

Major Expansion

Square Enix has announced a major expansion for the Massively Multiplayer RPG Final Fantasy XIV. The addition, dubbed the Endwalker, will complete a story that began in the days of A Realm Reborn. Further information will follow, which will be understood, first of all, by the fans of the project. In the fourteenth “Final,” the end of the story of the confrontation between Haydelin and the Zodiark, the local gods of light and darkness, was long overdue.

Otherwise, we are dealing with a typical large Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker DLC for an online game. The list of additions in the content is standard. There will be new ones:

  • specializations
  • dungeons
  • Residential area
  • mode for battles in PvP format
  • tribe
  • a haven island offering a specific set of activities for the player
  • recipes for crafting and creating equipment
  • Travel (to the moon, Harlem, and elsewhere)

Also, Endwalker will bring a level increase from 80 to 90 and new threats, including Anima. The release of the add-on will happen only in the fall on PC and PlayStation.