PlayStation PC, Sony’s New Label Broadens PC Gaming’s Horizons

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Sony became the owner of the new label called ” PlayStation PC LLC “. Without making any fuss about the matter, the company intends to use the new brand to launch its PC games. Therefore, the discovery had recently noticed by Steam users.

With the new label, the PlayStation PC should replace the current ” PlayStation Mobile”. This demonstrates the willingness of the Sony to get your games increasingly in the world of PC. The company already has some games such as Horizon Zero Dawn, Days Gone, Death Stranding, and God of War for PlayStation PC.

In addition, the CEO of Sony’s entertainment division, Jim Ryan, previously said that the idea was to expose the “games to a wider audience.” Then, after making the purchase of Nixxes, a specialized Dutch study in ports for PC, Ryan spoke again about the desire of the company.

It is worth mentioning that the ports of Horizon Zero Dawn and God of War are available now on Steam in place of PlayStation Mobile. On the contrary, the Steam page of Days Gone already presents the new label..The action/adventure of Bend Studio is, therefore, the first Sony title to be distributed by PlayStation PC LLC.

It is a powerful sign that Sony’s opening up to the PC market. With more and more PlayStation titles scheduled to land on Windows, Sony is surely enriching the PC gaming experience.

Not just ones mentioned above, even the most recent Sackboy: A Big Adventure is expected to land on PC. The game, released exclusively on PlayStation 5, appeared in the Steam database under the code name ‘Steel PC.’